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Voyage vol.2 - with Ralph Rodrigiez

Fela Kuti once said “Without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat." Here at India Street Radio we begin this episode paying tribute to one of the giants of Afrobeat, Tony Allen. We continue the journey by exploring the same musical vibe with several uptempo selections ranging from NY, Japan, Brazil, & more. Ralph Rodriguez on the decks!

Voyage vol.1 - with Ralph Rodrigiez

Our dear fellow Ralph Rodriguez know exactly how to spin some of the finest obscure broken-beat records. His neverening collection have always something to surprise us. This is the first Episode of “Voyage” an imaginary jurney that will bring you far away from this world, expect some of the finest jazz, nujazz, funk infused, hip hop hidden gems. Stay tuned for the next Episode of “Voyage”, something will surprise us again and again and again...

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