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Brought back to life on our YouTube channel.

Belgium - 1982

Another Belgium synth pop downtempo released early in the 80s. Romantic and nostalgic atmospheres in here. Check it out on our YouTube.

UK - 19??

Instrumental version of an hypnotic, dub, reggae downtempo from UK. No info on artist, release date, made this gems even more charming.

UK - 19??

UK street Soul is a pretty obscure universe to explore, here we found a mysterious one, no info about the artist, no info about release date. Vocal version just upload on our youtube channel.  This one is a pretty nice mix of Street Soul and electro. Rare find!

UK - 1990

A killer album from 1990 which include, on one side, some downtempo Street Soul vibes and, on the other, a couple of hidden early UK Garage House track wit

h killer vocal and bassline. Two of this hidden gems have just been posted on our YouTube channel. The album “On Second Thoughts” was recorded by the two twins sister Paulette & Claude Patterson who formed the duo called Dazzle in 1985.
The album was produced in a limited edition of 500 white labels release

d in a white album sleeve with pasted-on A4 sheet featuring a photo of the duo. Each sheet individually hand numbered. All the track listing and album info were printed on a A4 paper insert.

UK - 1991

Our UK Street Soul retrospective ended up with an obscure 1991 record from the UK hip-hop group Construction (just Upload on our YouTube channel).
This track is an hybrid between Street Soul and Britcore, of course from UK the Britcore is a subgenre of Hip Hop which stands for British Hardcore Hip Hop. The genre was way faster than “usual” hip hop often about 110 130 bpm and based on funk breaks and often using samples from movies. Towards the mid 90s the support for the scene in the UK decreased and to the end of

the 90s the Britcore scene all over Europe was nearly not existing anymore with hundreds of production (mainly on independent labels) felt into the obscurity.
ISR brings back to life this little gems which perfectly feet the soul vibe of the twin movement UK Street Soul.

Belgium - 1985

Obscure Belgium synth / electro downtempo released in 1985. Vocal version uploaded on Our YouTube channel

Belgium - 1990

Edit Version by BK Balearic - Downtempo / Synth from Belgium, 1990. Cold beat mixed together with some warm saxophone sound, downtempo and hypnotic as we love on ISR.

Brazil - 1988

Obscure  synth / downtempo from Brazil, 1988. The album is so complete that you will space from some downtempo, almost balearic vibes, to some funk/electro to some boogies vibes, to some romantinc saxhopone ballad. An universe all included in one.
Brought back to live by ISR. 

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