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(Mega Italia)

Mega Italia vol. 5 - with MatitaRotta
ItaloDisco - Disco - Space Rock - Cosmic

It's like being at the entrance of a club in the 80s, waiting in a kilometer line while we hear the right bpm that thunders from inside, quick glances, menthol cigarettes, cars that parade to find parking, beautiful women never seen before, homemade cocktails made to make your way in that jungle.
Anxiety to go inside and dance as much as possible until dawn, the night is young and does not ask for mercy.

Mega Italia vol. 4 - with XGeena
ItaloDisco - Disco - Funk
For the next episode of MegaItalia, India Street Radio invites XGeena. Expect an hour of dancing music that you can use during these weeks of pandemic or perhaps in the next or maybe to decide to take an hour of freedom from your "congiunti" and organize a party (D.P.C.M accordingly).
XGeena set is rich in sexy female 

Mega Italia vol. 3 - with Chris Zag
Boogie, Italian Funky, Funk
You will feel the warm wind, the funky music surround you. Chris Zag will bring us through Italy (especially), France and Brazil, mixing together some rare gems from the past which you will probably never heard before. A carnival of flavors! Add an iced drink and that are the perfect ingredients to start this tour. Let the show begin.

Mega Italia vol.2 - with Matita Rotta
Disco, Italodisco, Space Rock, Funk
The importance of Made in Italy that contaminates the world, New Wave batteries and funky orgasms vocals will accompany us throughout the whole set of MegaItalia vol.2. If we can date it, we are between the late 70s and the early 90s, different genres and different crowds are mixed together as in an hot New York between those in line in front of Studio 54 and those who wander on Bowery in search of the best punk new wave concert.
L’importanza del Made in Italy che contamina il mondo, batterie New wave e tanti orgasmi funky ci accompagnano in questo set.
Se possiamo datatrlo siamo tra la fine dei 70 e gli inizi dei 90, generi diversi e crowd differenti si mischiano tra loro come in una New York accaldata tra chi fa la fila per andare allo studio 54 e chi invece si aggira sulla Bowery alla ricerca del miglior concerto punk new wave.

Mega Italia vol.1 - with Matita Rotta
Disco, Italodisco, Space Rock, New Wave
Here we are with the first episode of Mega Italia a box full of Italodisco gems. Expect a journey through some obscure records from the “Bel Paese”  moving then across all Europe and crossing the ocean, “In America”, dancing to the rhythm of the finest obscure disco. Expect vintage synths, 80s melodies, funky guitars and vocoder, essential ingredients for this harmonious journey to undertake without return.
Ecco il Primo episodio di Mega Italia contenitore di gemme italodisco Si parte dal Bel Paese e si viaggia in tutta Europa per poi sfociare oltre oceano  “in America” ballando a ritmo della disco da ricerca.
All’ordine del giorno sintetizzatori dal suono vintage, melodie anni 80, chitarre funky e vocoder, ingredienti indispensabili per questo viaggio armonioso da intraprendere senza ritorno.

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