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(Late Night)

Late Night vol. 4

The sun is going down, the City slows the rhythm, lights turn on in the darkness. From balearic vibes to 80s synth, the tempo is down as we like on IndiaStreet, that's our present to New York, welcome to a journey to the End of the Night..  by BK Balearic

Late Night vol.3

For the third episode of Late Night series India Street Radio will explore some hidden gems from the boogie, funk, soul scene back in the 80s in Brazil. The tempo is down, as we like at night, close your eyes and we will immediately bring in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach, the vibrant air of the night give you a shiver, until the sunrise when more soft melodies will bring you back from the journey. by BK Balearic

Late Night vol.2

80s influenced sound rich in synth and a soft touch of sax, a balearic vibe before the balearic. Expect a journey accross our very best selection of downtempo tunes, from Serbia to Brazil, everything under 100 bpm. by BK Balearic

Late Night vol.1

A sleepless night, an empty city, a secret lover... Romantic and sensual atmospheres on Late Night vol. 1. on IndiaStreetRadio.com by BK Balearic

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