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We belive that one of the radio’s most defining traits is the unrepeatable, unrecoverable moment of a listener’s encounter with a sound, a song, a note..

Episode #48 - Disco Strummer x IndiaStreetRadio
Funk - Disco - Downtempo
IndiaStreetRadio invites Disco Strummer for a selected downtempo set. Be ready for an introspective journey through funk, obscure disco sounds that will act as anti-stress for your body and your soul. The tempo is down as we like on IndiaStreet, let's relax and start the journey.

Episode #47 - Mega Italia vol. 5 - with MatitaRotta
ItaloDisco - Disco - Space Rock - Cosmic

It's like being at the entrance of a club in the 80s, waiting in a kilometer line while we hear the right bpm that thunders from inside, quick glances, menthol cigarettes, cars that parade to find parking, beautiful women never seen before, homemade cocktails made to make your way in that jungle.
Anxiety to go inside and dance as much as possible until dawn, the night is young and does not ask for mercy.

Episode #46 - MegaItalia with XGeena
ItaloDisco - Disco - Funk 
For the next episode of MegaItalia, India Street Radio invites XGeena. Expect an hour of dancing music that you can use during these weeks of pandemic or perhaps in the next or maybe to decide to take an hour of freedom from your "congiunti" and organize a party (D.P.C.M accordingly).
XGeena set is rich in sexy female vocals and truly Italo Disco crackling.
Knock knock, Is the party here?

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