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(Dopocena Balearico)

Dopocena Balearico  vol.1 - by Euronettuno
Our dear friends Euronettuno certainly know how to rock the dancefloor but once they take control of India Street frequencies, they slow the tempo down and pull out from their crates the finest selecton of balearic records we ever listend since long time ago. That’s the perfect set to enjoy after dinner “dopocena”. So, what else to say, stop reading this and enjoy the wanderful 2h set..

Dopocena Balearico  vol.2 - by Euronettuno
Second Episode of Dopocena Balearico series from Euronettuno guys.
Expect two hours of the finest balearic bliss around, put the sunglasses on, slow down the rhythm, lie down and enjoy the purple hour. The sun is going down and EuroNettuno goes on a gradual crescendo of a beautiful disco-infused balearica. Enjoy!

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