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The musical universe is full of surprises. Each day we are discovering new records, which, although they are from the past, appear to us as "musical novelties". Good music is timel

Brazilian Downtempo (Early 90s, Late 80s, Brazil)

Fernanda Abreu ‎– Sla Radical Dance Disco Club


This is the first solo album by singer Fernanda Abreu. She was already known by the Brazilian public with her participation in the backing vocals of one of the most famous Brazilian Pop Rock groups, Blitz, much played on Brazilian radio stations in 1982.
Despite her past in pop rock, Fernanda Abreu identified herself even with Black Music, being frequent attendant of the black parties that happened in her city, Rio de Janeiro. The repertoire of this record, for example, is loaded with influences from Disco, Funk 80's, Old School Hip-Hop and Electro.
The influence seems clear in the samples: Samples of "Unity", by Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown in and "The Message", Grand master Flash & The Furious Five, in track " SLA Radical Disco Club"; samples from "The Roof Is On Fire", Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three, in the tune "Kamikazes do Amor"; samples from "The Message II (Survival)" by Grand Master Melle Mel, and "122 BPM", Jive Rhythm Trax, in "Melô do Radical", one of the first tracks of Miami Bass style made in Brazil.
Our picks from the album “Você Pra Mim”, is a downtempo ballad, soft electro baseline, warm vocal, and the track "Luxo Pesado", a portuguese / english version for the classic "Got to Be Real", by Cheryl Lynn and last but not least “Speed Racer”, another electro, funky downtempo that keep going on ISR. 

Tony Blue ‎– Love Aventura

A little 7’’ produced back in 1980. This is the only EP produced by Tony Blue and soon after that the few copies printed felt into obscurity. Even in here you can feel the special touch of Lincoln Olivetti who curated the production and the arrangements of our pick from the EP, first track on Lado 1 “Love Aventura” is a romantic downtempo ballad, with an early electro bassline surrounded by dreamy melodies. Disco É Cultura.

Bad Girls - Hot Line / Assim Eu Quero


Viva Voz ‎– Trip Tropical / Fugitivos De Azul

Here you can definitely feel the special touch of Lincoln Olivetti who arranged this hidden little gem from 1984. Our pick is on the B side, “Fugitivos De Azul” is an early electro, downtempo serenade that keep going on loop on ISR. Full track and full retrospective on Brazilian downtempo is up on our website. Stay tuned!!

Denny King - Festa

Originally released in 1987 this album from Brazilian musician Denny King soon disappeared from the shelfs of Records store around Rio De Janeiro where the musician and the small independent label (Reneau Records) were located at the time. Our pick from the album is the track “Festa” a downtempo ballad which spread a vibe of hope and make us feel a new bright beginning is just around the corner!

Obina Shok ‎– Salleé

Yet another jazz-infused album from Brazil, 1988 on ISR. Downtempo, saxophone, soft drum, the perfect soundrack for a sunset on a out-of-the-path beach.
Obina Shok was  short-lived band formed in 1985, in the city of Brasília. Their style was a mix of pop with Caribbean, African and Brazilian rhythms. The name of the band, in Myene, means "path of dance".
Their first claim to fame was a demo tape of the song "Lambarine", sent to then influential Rádio Fluminense FM of Niterói, state of Rio de Janeiro - which received notable airtime. With increasing popularity, they performed at the famous concert house Circo Voador.
Soon they'd sign with RCA Victor and released their first, eponymously titled album in 1986, which was successful and very well received by critics. Their next album, 1988, from which our pick is taken from, however, failed to repeat such success, and the group split up the following year.

Rique Pantoja ‎– Rique Pantoja

Recorded in 1986 in Rio de Janeiro this is the first album of the Brazilian keyboards player Rique Pantoja. Relaxing, laid back vibes, warm and sophisticated atmospheres from this jazz infused, funk album that take us straight to a sandy beach in Rio, at breakfast time. Balearic vibes from the other side of the ocean, our retrospective on Brazilian downtempo continues exploring this never ending musical universe. 

Altay Veloso ‎– Paixão De D'Artagnan (1988)

Laidback vibes from Brazil with this killer album from 1988 by Altay Veloso. Paixão De D’Artagnan (D’Artagnan Passion) is an incredibly blend of musical genres ranging from synth pop, boogie, soul, electronic, perfectly melted in a one of a kind album which is becoming hard to find out of the Brazilian world. Four of these tracks have been uploaded on our YouTube channel for the first time (link bio). Our pick Out-Door, a warm downtempo synth pop ballad and Duas Faces, which spreads some balearic vibes from the other side of the ocean. Enjoy!

Sampa Crew ‎– Sampa Crew (1994)


Still in Brazil, still some laidback downtempo vibes.. here we are in 1994 with the third LP from Sampa Crew. Originally formed in 1987, through all their Career the Group explored with sensitivity the mixture of genres so characteristic in the Musica Popular Brasileira. Their musical influences have been ranging from Hip Hop to soul, Funky, passing through Pop and Rap. Our pick from the Album is the track “Sexy” a dreamy downtempo broken beat gem which sample the base from 1977 The Blackbyrds- Mysterious Vibes. Romantic and loving atmosperes on the super downtempo “Mesmo Assim”, saxophone came in at 4.20 make sure you don’t miss it. Stay Tuned!

Brylho ‎– Navegando Em Águas Livres (1984)

We are moving from UK to Brazil, starting a new retrospective on the Brazilian scene back in the 80s, early 90s.
We are going to focus on some laid back, downtempo sonorities that will be able to take us on some remote beach of Rio de Janeiro.
We are in 1984, “Navegando Em Aguas Livres” is a romantic, a bit melancholy, ballad, with lyrics composed by the Brazilian soul master Cassiano. On the B side, “A Bruxa ta Solta” is an hidden gem, early contribution from Brazil to the electro scene.
The 7’ is covered by some wonderful illustration all around from the Brazilian artist Romero Cavalcanti.
A new set and new hidden gems are coming on ISR. Stay tuned!

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