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The musical universe is full of surprises. Each day we are discovering new records, which, although they are from the past, appear to us as "musical novelties". Good music is timel

Belgium/France Synth-Pop (Mid 80s, France, Belgium)

Michel Barth - Trans Africa Train


France, 1991, there is no other info about the artist, Michel Barth, who seems to have produced just this release. Here the 7' which includes the vocal and the instrumental version of the song "Trans Africa Train". This is a warm and exotic balad with the very distinctive sound of the French/Belgium synth-pop era. The electro bassline is accompanied by an exotic almost oriental melody. It could have perfectly fit the soundtrack of the Bertolucci's movie "The Sheltering Sky" where a young couple get lost into a purposelessy journey through northern Africa.

Kyoto - Venetian Blinds


Yet another little synth-pop gem from Belgium, 1984. Even here the song was the only commercial release from the project band Kyoto. Interesting story behind it, the lead singer name (Belinda De Bruyn) was officially replaced with the name of the girlfriend of the manager behind the ARS label which released the song. On a blog recently appear on the web (2017) the actual singer show up "I was young, unexperienced and very angry and deceived. We even did some photoshoot wrapped in plastic bin bag, me laying on a table like some sacrifice" which was supposed to be the artwork but never officially shown. Cryptical lyrics "I see no evil, I hear no evil, I speak no evil", sensual voice, deep piano chords are the perdect ingredient of this lush hypnotic hidden gem. Dub instrumental version on the B side

Christin' Audhuy ‎– Y'A Des Gens


Yet another hidden synt-pop from France, here we are in 1986. This is one of the two records ever released from Christin' Audhuy, this is the Maxi 12' (the other one is the 7' version) which includes two gems one on the A side, "Apocalypso", a slow hipnotic darks synth pop, and on the B side "Histoire De Corps (Hector)" a juicy electro synth bomb, expect hot vocal, strong bassline and heavy electric guitar. Check our Instagram page for the lyrics. This track is featured on our last mix on @kpissfm

Libido ‎– Jacasse Baby Lou

Yet another hidden 7’’ produced back in 1985 in Belgium by the project Libido. Apparently the only ever released record from the band formed by the Belgian guitarist Kevin Mulligan and the bass player Evert Verhees. The Belgium style is strongly recognizable even in here with a strong electro baseline, heavy synth and downtempo BPM. The track kick when the sax came in like a siren.

Maxym' ‎– J'ai Le Cœur Samba


We are exploring the synth pop scene that in the middle 80s has proliferated in the Belgium and France area, creating a very distinctive sound of synth, electro basslines, low BPM and of course, French vocals.
This record is the perfect liaison between the Brazilian world and the European one. The A track is mix of samba, synth that make us move in the ballroom and on the other side, “Cool Decontract” is a downtempo hidden gem among our favorites discoveries . The sax assolo that kick-in in the middle of the song is blowing our mind.
Both tracks on our YouTube channel and on IndiaStreetRadio.com.

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